Dental braces and aligners


The black diamond dental clinic is acknowledged as the best Orthodontist in Dubai. Our clinic provides a wide range of dental braces for an affordable price. Black diamond treatment has expertise and experience in long-lasting metal braces, ceramic braces, lingual braces, clear ceramic braces, invisible braces, Invisalign Aligners, and traditional braces. So who has a problem with their teeth comes and gets the best & affordable treatment from them? We have multi-lingual and multinational staff to help you on your way to getting the solution you need.

Best Ceramic & Metal Braces in Dubai UAE:

Dental braces are the most primary dental treatment option used to correct a wide range of malocclusion problems. Black Diamond Dental Clinic specializes in dental braces treatments in Dubai, UAE, and all other essential and complex dental treatments like dental implants, dental bridges, mercury fillings & tooth whitening treatment which expert dentists do.


Braces usually come in two different types:

  • Metal Braces
  • Ceramic Braces

Metal braces are more popular because they work on the same principle as orthodontic wire, which is a metal wire that wraps around the teeth to move them into place.

Ceramic braces are a newer technology, and they use brackets that have small wires attached to them, which work similarly as metal braces do.

Blackdiamond dental Clinic is the preferred provider of high quality yet affordable braces in the city. This brace is made from a transparent plastic, which means no metal brackets or wires are used. It’s designed using the latest CAD/CAM technology. They are removable which means that you can take them out at your convenience and easily clean them. Due to their appearance they are hardly noticeable. Another advantage is that you can eat what you want which gives you more freedom. This is the life style choice and preferred braces by adults.


For people who work in retail or flight stewardship, where appearances are given utmost importance, dental braces that are not visible are an advantage. Our invisible braces in Dubai are generated based on a close analysis of the customer’s dental structure. Taking into account the degree of change that must be implemented in order to achieve the desired look, we will create a completely bespoke set of dental braces made of clear, medically-approved plastic trays, which can be worn comfortably 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Wearing invisible braces in Dubai are generated based on a close analysis of the customer’s dental structure. Taking into account the specific dental condition of each patient, we craft a personalised dental plan designed to produce results over a set period of time.


The benefits of the dental braces treatment procedure:

The main advantages of the dental brace treatment are that it can help to straighten your teeth, and it doesn’t just take care of your teeth but also your lips and tongue. The mouth is made up of teeth and many more parts that need to be taken care of.

The dental braces treatment can make sure that your teeth are correctly aligned, and this helps you keep them clean and from any cavities or plaque buildup.


The treatment procedure for dental braces is quite simple. The orthodontist will first take impressions of the patient’s teeth, so their oral cavity can be formed to get the best possible result with the least time, pain, or expense for the patient. This procedure helps determine where they need to be moved and what type of device is required to move them there.


The clinic has hi-tech facilities, skilled dentists, modern equipment, and up-to-date technologies. We also offer six months money back guaranteed treatment so that you don’t even need to worry about treatment failures. Their main aim is to make your smile perfect with the affordable and customized solution which best suits your needs.


Black diamond is a dental centre in Dubai that provides the best affordable dental services in Dubai, like dental implants, brace treatment, bridge treatment, and other primary dental treatments.

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