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Dental OnlayS, Crowns, and Bridges in Dubai

A dental crown, sometimes known as a “dental cap,” is a tooth-shaped cap that fits entirely over your natural tooth. Because of their strength and natural look, dental crowns are considered both cosmetic dentistry and restorative dentistry. They are also commonly used during full mouth restorations.

The latest “porcelain crown” material is not just ceramic; it is actually fabricated from different materials including zirconia and lithiumdisilicate. These new, high-tech materials are much stronger than actual porcelain, 100% metal-free, and amazingly natural looking. Because of its durability, a dental crown can be a great solution for restoring and supporting molars or other anterior teeth – your “chewing teeth.”

Dental Bridges:

Bridges are attached to the natural teeth and dental implants that surround the area. These are called abutments and serve as anchors for the bridge. The crowns that cover the abutments are attached with a pontic (replacement tooth). You have many options for bridge materials, just like crowns.

You can match the color of your natural teeth with porcelain or ceramic bridges. A cantilever bridge might be an option for areas of your mouth that is less stressed, such as your front teeth. Cantilever bridges can be used when only one side has teeth. Bridges can help reduce your chance of developing gum disease, correct bite problems, and improve your speech.

Dental Onlays, Inlays, & Crowns Can Be Used To:

  • Restore or repair a broken tooth
  • Cover a tooth with a large filling
  • Hold and support a dental bridge
  • Support and cover severely worn teeth
  • Protect weak teeth from decay
  • Hold together cracked teeth

Which Dental Option is Right for You?

A Dental Crown – When 75% of the chewing surface of a tooth has been compromised, a dental crown (or, depending on the condition of the tooth, a dental onlay) can prevent further issues such as a root canal or tooth loss.
A Dental Onlay – Sometimes called “a partial crown,” an onlay is used to repair a damaged tooth or cavity which is too large for a filling, but too small to require a full dental crown.
A Dental Inlay – An inlay is used to repair a damaged filling that needs to be removed or replaced; an inlay sits inside the top edges of the tooth and isn’t as intensive as an onlay.

Benefits of Crown and Bridge:

Crown and bridge care can reduce the harmful effects of missing teeth in a variety of ways.

  • Maintains the natural bite.
  • Protects other teeth against unnecessary pain
  • Keeps opposite teeth in the proper alignment
  • It stops related teeth from moving and tilting.
  • Reduce your risk of periodontal disease and dental decay.
  • It can improve your smile, voice, chewing ability, and even your voice.

Ceramic is an essential advancement in dentistry. Dental porcelain is a type of ceramic used for making dental bridges and crowns. Its white color makes it look natural and gives it its main advantage.

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