Root Canal Treatment and Re-treatment (Under the Microscope)

A dental endometer plays an important role in determining a root canal length. It is a device that shows precisely when a tool inserted into a canal by a dentist reaches the canal’s end. It allows for filling root canals under a microscope with a perfect precision.

What exactly does microscopic root canal treatment mean?

The last 10 years have brought a tremendous revolution in medicine. Perhaps the greatest progress has been seen in dentistry. Treatment methods have been significantly improved. Currently, we do not talk about archaic procedures of teeth devitalisation, and dental treatment may be performed by smiling dentists, in accordance with world-class standards, and in a friendly atmosphere.

Such a system has been introduced at Black Diamond Dental Clinic. Our team of specialists uses innovative solutions and high-tech modern equipment every day. A dental microscope is an extension of our endodontists’ eyes and it is used every time during a root canal treatment.

Our endodontists, who deal with root canal treatment, perform their work passionately. Their world seen under the microscope is a complex structure of a canal system, in which same canals have microscopic ostia, and others are connected with adjacent canals whose ostia are often at angles of 90 degrees. Traditionally, it is almost impossible to perform a root canal treatment without skills, tools, and, first and foremost, a dental microscope. Images of an unfilled canal, which has not been found in a twisted canal system, and broken tools in canals are commonly seen in our patients. Such situations often lead to inflammatory complications of the periosteum and require an intervention. Often, it is associated with a repeated root canal treatment.

Advantages of microscopic root canal treatment:

  • Easiness in finding all canal ostia, including the ones that are invisible for the naked eye;
  • Working with a microscope allows for taking out a canal tool that has been broken inside it;
  • The entire root canal treatment may be performed within one day;
  • Microscopic treatment makes it possible to improve a tooth treatment or perform it again if the canals have not been properly filled in the past.

Price of a microscopic root canal treatment

The price of a microscopic root canal treatment is higher than in cases of standard procedures. It is true especially in cases when a repeated root canal treatment is required. The total price of a microscopic root canal treatment is calculated individually. It is conditioned by the number of canals, their condition, and presence or absence of broken tools in canals, among other things.

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