Teeth Whitening and Cleaning


Teeth Whitening in Dubai – Whitening Teeth


Teeth whitening refer to the process of lightening or brightening stained teeth to make them appear healthy and clean. Various methods are used to clean and polish the teeth to remove the stains and make teeth whiter. These include simple toothpaste, gels and strips, gels and rinses, and professional whitening products applied at a dentist's practice.

Your smile is a reflection of your personality, and your teeth can brighten it up. People find whiter teeth more attractive than those with darker teeth. It is possible to get your teeth whitened. Black Diamond Dental Clinic using the latest technologies to make a bright and healthy smile in a single visit.

We use three types of technologies to gives you an instant brightening smile.

  • Laser Teeth Whitening
  • Zoom Whitening
  • Flash Smile


These factors increase the likelihood of staining:

  • Age: As you age, the enamel and dentin naturally deteriorate, which can cause teeth to turn yellowish or grey.
  • Tobacco smoking, particularly cigarettes, can cause stains that show through the enamel.
  • Regular consumption of coffee, wine, or cola can cause your teeth to be yellow.
  • Medicines: High fluoride levels in the early years of childhood and tetracycline intake can cause yellowing of the teeth.

Persons with gum disease or worn enamel should not have their teeth whitening done. Tooth whitening solutions can cause more damage if the roots of the teeth are exposed. Veneers, crowns, and fillings are not treated with whitening agents. This could lead to uneven whitening. Tooth sensitivity, the most common side effect of teeth-whitening, is also a problem.


If you notice the following signs, it is time to consider teeth whitening:

  • There could be white streaks, yellow spots, or brown spots on enamel, as well as pits.
  • Color changes or darkening of teeth.
  • Yellowish teeth can be caused by exposed dentin.


The following diagnostics will be performed by the Black Diamond Dental Clinic before a treatment to whiten your teeth:

  • A dental health assessment
  • We will discuss your requirements and provide instructions.
  • Dental prophylaxis involves the cleaning of teeth and the removal of plaque.


Although teeth whitening seems simple, it should be performed under the guidance of a dentist. It can cause gum irritation and sensitivity if professionals don’t do it.


For more information about our teeth-whitening services, please book your free dental appointment by filling the form.


  • The dentist will apply whitening gel containing a high concentration of peroxide on your teeth. The gel will eventually break down the bonds between the stained molecules and clean your teeth thoroughly. A high-power light can activate the gel. This allows oxygen to penetrate your teeth completely.
  • Laser teeth whitening can be used to make your smile brighter.
  • As prescribed by the specialist, repeated sittings may be necessary at different times.